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We install, maintain, and repair virtually all makes and models of heat pumps and heat pump systems.

Heat Pump Systems Capabilities

  • Filter Service
  • Absorption Heat Pumps Replacement
  • Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance

A heat pump is a device that effectively moves energy from one location to another. This process can move heat from a building to outside (air conditioning) or can be done in reverse to heat a building. Heat Pumps are rated based on their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) Coefficient of Performance (COP) or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF).

The higher a heat pump’s ratings, the less energy (electricity) required to operate.

A big advantage to using a heat pump system is that it eliminates the need for separate heating & cooling systems. Another advantage is that heat pumps are efficient to operate as they transfer heat, rather than using energy to create it.

Service Guarantee
  • Same Day Emergency Services
  • 1 Year New Equipment Warranty on Labor and Parts
  • 24/7 On-Call Technician Support
  • Virtually All Makes & Models, Regardless of Age
Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Programs

Increase the efficiency of your Heat Pumps or Geothermal Heat Pump Systems with preventative maintenance from our

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Whether you need work on a single unit, or multiple units serving an entire building, our highly trained and experienced technicians will provide the fast, high-quality service you deserve.

No project is too big or small! Sebastian & Sons strives to deliver 100% satisfaction on every job, every time.

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